Renowned LDS Energy Healer Renounces Practice, Invites Others to Follow the Brethren

energy healing and the lds church

In an emotional YouTube video, Aimee Benefield, a mother of six and owner of Warrior Events, publicly renounced the practice of energy healing and will no longer be selling any of her products.

Warrior Events was a personal development mentoring company which offered various resources and programs to assist people in strengthening themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

However, after deep reflection, and in part due to Elder M. Russell Ballard’s General Conference address in October of 2017, Aimee decided that she needed to be fully aligned with the brethren of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Elder Ballard specifically warned church members against energy healing in his address:

In some places, too many of our people are looking beyond the mark and seeking secret knowledge in expensive and questionable practices to provide healing and support.

An official Church statement, issued one year ago, states: “We urge Church members to be cautious about participating in any group that promises—in exchange for money—miraculous healings or that claims to have special methods for accessing healing power outside of properly ordained priesthood holders.”11

The Church Handbook counsels: “Members should not use medical or health practices that are ethically or legally questionable. Local leaders should advise members who have health problems to consult with competent professional practitioners who are licensed in the countries where they practice.”12

Brothers and sisters, be wise and aware that such practices may be emotionally appealing but may ultimately prove to be spiritually and physically harmful.

While acknowledging that much of what energy healing teaches is truth, Benefield gives many reasons for her change of heart – the strain it placed on family relationships, that some elements of energy healing were “just plain evil”, and the truth that God invites all to come and be healed without money.

Part of Benefield’s statement on her website reads:

I stand with the leaders of my church and as such I am no longer selling any of my programs/products. I have also chosen not to listen to or recommend the following resources anymore: Julie Rowe, John Pontius, Mike Stroud, Kirk Duncan, Tammy Ward, all those associated with the world’s version of energy/faith work/healing, muscle testing etc. Reiki, My Perfection Healing, Wendi Jensen, Quantum Touch, Emotion Code and Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. 

You will have to get your own answers on what needs to change for you.  But this is where I am at right now.  Anyone who is using The Healer Of Light Program I ask that you please delete it and please don’t share it with others.    

I am grateful for the wake-up call and I understand if others no longer trust me or want to follow what I share.  My plan is to weed out of my life anything that goes counter to the pure doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I hope that by sharing my story it might help others who have strayed, to course correct.   

Aimee Benefield’s full story can be watched in the YouTube video below. She explains what she has encountered over the last three years and how she ultimately came to the realization that she had been ignoring red flags all along the way.

Benefield mentions many times that much of what she was teaching was good, and she never hoped to deceive anyone. She truly thought she was on the Lord’s errand. In retrospect, she can now see that some things she taught were distractions.

Her courage and determination to follow the counsel of a living prophet is admirable and will hopefully be a blessing to others who are looking to outside sources for the hope and healing that only comes through the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ as taught by the apostles and prophets in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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  • Bravo! I admire your courage and your faith, and will use you and this experience as an example for my future. Thank you!

  • Not sure why she included people in her statement that don’t practice energy healing and I know of one that openly stated the same thing and Elder Ballard. She seemed to lump many together.

  • I read the Emotion Code book this past year and was able to heal a serious bowell infection.

    It feels odd to me to attempt to identify “who” Elder Ballard was referring to with his talk, when he himself did not offer specific names or practices.

    I have serious issues with anyone making gobs of money from the physical and emotion diseases that plague us all.

    So until we add obstetricians and psychiatrists to the lists of those engaged in priestcraft, I believe it would be better to allow individual members to determine how their healthcare dollars will be spent, and stop flinging mud at those who are looking for alternatives to traditional medicine.

    It is so easy to stand in judgement of those who are ill and say, “You idiot, if you had just tried this or that, you would be well.”

    Jenny Hatch

  • If she feels that she should no longer do the work she was doing, then I’m very glad she has stopped.

    But to say that all those who have been blessed with the Gift of the Spirit that is Healing, and say that all LDS people who do these things is wrong is not for her to decide.

    We were admonished to be very careful, and that is not new advice. Yes, many of those doing “Energy Work” are listening to any spirit that speaks to them.

    But there are some who are in constant communication with the Holy Ghost, reading their scriptures daily, praying always, and receiving Priesthood Blessings often that are doing the Lord’s work.

    I strongly suggest that you pray before you learn from anyone and/or let someone work on you. This is a serious work and needs much prayer. I also suggest you attend the temple often, not a few times a month, but OFTEN.

    If you know the person you are working with is always striving to be in tune with Heavenly Father, then learn from them. They will not contradict Church doctrine or profess to know more than the prophets and apostles. They will be inline with what the brethren are saying.

    Where I do not know most of those who she listed, I do know Kirk Duncan and he is very in tune with the spirit and invites others through his work to learn about the church.

    I feel the spirit when I listen to Kirk and attend his seminars. There is nothing he has ever said, that I’ve heard, that in any way goes against the brethren.

    But, as I said, if this lady feels she should no longer do energy work, then she certainly shouldn’t. But it is troubling that she has called people out and condemned them, is essence, because she has felt she shouldn’t do something.

    Just follow the spirit and make sure that who you are working with does not go against church doctrine or the brethren.

  • Aimee, you are brave and straight-up – this is the best thing you could have done. Thank you. I could identify with so much of what you said – went there, did more than you did in terms of spending money on “courses” , etc, lost my testimony and the right to the Spirit but, unlike you, I wasn’t obedient and I lost 21 years. Thank you for helping me refocus and seeing where I could be even more committed to the Saviour. I have been on my return journey for seven years and it’s been a huge struggle. It is slowly getting easier but you are right. The priesthood authority is real and there is that one over-riding fact – the church is true and we need to be committed to that 110%. As the Maori in New Zealand say, “Kia Kaha” – stand strong.

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In an emotional YouTube video, Aimee Benefield, a mother of six and owner of Warrior Events, publicly renounced the practice of energy healing and...
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