Lone LDS Teacher in School Tears Up as Faculty Share Emotional Mormon Helping Hands Experiences

Camille Nelson Brown, a Special Education teacher in Houston, Texas shared a beautiful experience she had this week as teachers and faculty returned to school after Hurricane Harvey.

“Today was the first day the teachers in my school district came back after the hurricane. Our area, and the surrounding Houston/SE Texas area, has been hit HARD and they are saying it will take years to fully recover. The devastation is just horrific to say the least.

So today, our administrators had anyone who wanted, share an experience they had during the last week and a half during the hurricane.

There are about 400 staff and faculty at my school and I am the only member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints out of all of them. The auditorium was PACKED. About ten people got up, and of the group, a good chunk of them shared experiences they had specifically with Mormon Helping Hands, all getting emotional about how large groups of people from the church just showed up with smiles on their faces and stayed for hours and hours doing very, very dirty work.

mormon helping hands

My husband has been out for 7 straight days doing this work, so I know first hand how hard they are working. One teacher stated:

From now on, I know I can always count on the Mormons.

I sat in the back and just cried. What a blessing it is to be a member of the church. This is what the gospel is all about, ministering to all of God’s children.”

Watch this incredible video below of Mormon Helping Hands on the front lines of the devastation in Houston, Texas. Click below to watch.

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