“There’s a Baby In There!” 4-Year-Old LDS YouTube Star Hears Heartbeat

claire crosby

claire crosby there is a baby

Claire Crosby is known for her magical and cuter-than-anything YouTube covers, and yesterday she learned that she is going to be a big sister once again.

The family posted a video on their YouTube channel, Claire and the Crosby’sin which Claire’s mom explained what a heart rate monitor is and then they took turns to see if anyone had a baby in their tummy.

Once mom was able to locate the heart beat in her tummy, Claire said, “What is that? That’s really fast!”

She then asked, “Is that a heartbeat?” to which her mother responded with a big smile and an affirmative nod.

Claire put two and two together and asked, “Is that a baby?”

What follows is a cuteness overload. You can watch it all unfold in the video below.

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