How Did This Return Missionary React to the Ending of Star Wars Rogue One? EPICLY!

star wars reaction video

star wars reaction video

Stephen Smoot knows when to capture special moments. The reaction he caught on video of his friend Brinley watching Rogue One for the first time is one for the ages.

“This week my friend Brinley returned from her LDS mission.” Smoot said. “She is a HUGE Star Wars fan! But due to the timing of her mission call she missed seeing both Episode 7 and Rogue One. (Mormon missionaries are not allowed to watch television or movies while on their missions.)”

“Last night a few of us got together and decided to watch them with her.

Being the devoted fan that she is, Brinley was engaged in every minute of both films; laughing, crying, and cheering right on cue.

This is her genuine reaction to the iconic scene involving Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One.

Enjoy! ????????”

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