Foreign Exchange Student Helps Teen Surprise Family with Unexpected Mission Call

surprise mission call

surprise mission call

Charley surprised everyone by not telling them he had put in his papers and received a mission call. With the help of their foreign exchange student Min, Charley was able to pull off as surprise for the ages!

Min bought each member of the family a gift and put them all in a large brown box. At the bottom of the box however was the best gift of all. It was Charley’s mission call. When Charley’s mother realized what it was, she was in shock.

You can watch the video below, with the big reveal happening at the 2:25 mark.

Charley wanted to prepare his mission papers without his family, and noted that although his family didn’t think he was going to serve a mission, they expressed nothing but love and support for him. What an awesome guy! Good luck to Charley in Nicaragua.

Before you go to read your scriptures, did you hear about the triplets from Scotland who opened their mission calls on the same day? If not, check it out by clicking on their image below.

triplets mission

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