By now, you have most likely heard of Tyra and Sander who’ve teamed up to create “Enliven“. If you haven’t, take note. These incredible musicians formed their group and launched a YouTube channel in March of 2016 and now how nine videos – but this latest video release of We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet raises the bar.

Tyra, an incredible musician who plays more instruments than most can name, arranges these “epic orchestral hymns” that, in her words,  she hopes will “stir the hearts and souls of all the warriors on this earth today.” I’m not sure I can call myself a warrior, but my heart and soul was definitely stirred the first time I listened to this piece – so much so that I had it on loop all day at work.

An interesting thing happened as they were preparing for this video, as is explained in the video description: “Because of this short time frame – they were simply going to play a piece other than their own but because the song didn’t deliver the overall feeling they wanted this song to share – they decided, at the last minute, to write their own version of this song – and that’s how this song came to be! They know they received help from above with the creation of this new song.” A great example of how adversity can lead to great things!

Take a listen and pay attention to the way you feel as these two amazing musicians play their hearts and souls out. Thank you Tyra and Sander for bringing so much light and spirit to the world!

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