Watch in One Minute What Took Five Years to Build – Provo City Center Temple Time Lapse Video

provo city center temple

provo city center temple

Provo City Center Temple Open House and Dedication Dates

The Provo City Center Temple is open to the public from January 15 through March 5, 2016. Reservations to tour the temple can be made online or by calling 855-537-2000. A cultural celebration will be held on March 19 prior to the temple dedication on March 20. (See update on ticket availability.)

The Provo City Center Temple is the second temple for the Church in Provo and the 16th temple in Utah. Once dedicated it becomes the 150th operating temple for the Church worldwide. It’s located in the heart of the city at the intersection of University Avenue and 100 South.

“A lot of people rejoiced because there was a need for a temple here,” said Bishop Causeé. With the nearby Missionary Training Center (MTC) and Brigham Young University, the Provo Utah Temple is busy. “We are hopeful that those two temples will be well attended.”

“Members of the Church will still come, but they will come with this desire to receive the holy covenants and ordinances in the temple and being blessed and united with their family forever,” he concluded.

See more information about the Provo City Center Temple here: Provo City Temple

Watch in one minute what took five years to build.

To watch the Mormon Newsroom video detailing the history of the Provo City Temple, click here: Video of Provo City Center Temple History

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