Utah Resident Devin Supertramp Inspires Worldwide Service Project

devin supertramp

A Utah resident, Devin Graham, had a creative way to make a difference this Christmas season. Devin invited his close to 4 million YouTube subscribers to record an act of service on video and send it to the Devin Supertramp team so they could compile one giant service project video as part of #ASaviorIsBorn initiative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Devin told his fans he would go through the submissions and select the videos that best fit the project. What he didn’t tell his fans was that he was also getting into the act. In the course of this project Devin learned of Mandy’s family and the struggles she was going through. This video includes a visit that Devin made to the hospital to meet Mandy and try, in some small way, to help her family out during this Christmas season. Watch the video below, but be warned, you might get the urge to go serve somebody right away!

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