Yes, the Prophets are on Facebook and Here’s What They’re Saying.

If you’re like most people, General Conference is absolute medicine for the soul. The words from our dear apostles and prophets provide so many things – comfort, motivation, inspiration, and reassurance. Sometimes we wish General Conference were more frequent – six months is too long to wait!

Thanks to the blessing of modern technology and social media, you can now keep in touch with the prophets and be blessed by their counsel even more often. After Elder Bednar’s amazing speech about sharing goodness with the world through social media, many of the apostles started using Facebook and other social media platforms to reach into the lives of the members and provide support and encouragement.

Here’s a look at what some of the brethren have been up to on Facebook in January.







To see a full list of all the social media profiles that the prophets and apostles maintain, see LDS Media Talk’s article here >

Facebook Comments


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